Professional Development

General Printmaking

Introducing teachers to printmaking techniques that are safe for students and the environment. Using Akua soy-based inks we can demonstrate a range of techniques. We also stock Caligo safe wash etching and relief printing Inks. These traditional milled oil-based inks are of high quality and reduce clean-up time as they wash up in warm soapy water, no solvents are required.

Below are 13 different technique enquiries and ideas we can demonstrate or workshop at your school either for teachers or students. We are happy to custom make PDs and workshops by adding a couple of techniques together as some of the suggested demos cross over.

1. Drypoint with plastic

Scratching into plastic with needles, sandpaper and printing through the etching press with water-based inks.


2. Drypoint, Relief and Monotype printing with Akua soy-based Inks

Akua inks can be used for all printing processes except lithography.


3. Solar Plate photographic etching

A simple approach and safer alternative to traditional etching. Can produce drawing and photographic images.


4. Relief printing (lino and woodblock)

Exploring lino and woodblock printing including hand-colouring.


5. Monotype Printing

Different plates (plastic, copper, wood) can be used in this technique. Printing can be done through an etching press or hand printing.


6. Collagraphs

Building and making plates using cardboard, gluing, inking-up and printing.


7. Screenprinting (fabric or paper printing)


8. SolarFast

Sunlight-developed dyes used to create photographic prints on fabric or paper.


9. Brief General talk about fine art papers for Drawing, watercolour, printmaking & inkjet


10. Printmaking Presses

How to safely use a printing press, setting even pressure using blankets, printing drypoints, lino/wood blocks, monotypes and collagraphs.


11. Photocopy transfers

Transferring images and printing through an etching press, adding or over-laying onto another printing technique.


12. Copper-Sulphate etching

Less toxic than some other etchants designed for year 10, 11 and 12.


13. Polyester plate lithography / Pronto Plates

Need to use oil-based inks and vegetable oil.


14. Repairs

Printing press, maintenance, safety checks and general repair work.  Charge: $50.00 per hour plus travel to regional areas. 



Professional Development Demo Cost: 

1.5 Hours to 2.5 Hours $180.00 including GST

Travelling expenses may apply for regional of Victoria or interstate schools.

Workshop prices on application and materials.

Demonstrations and workshops are run by Michael Fitzgerald, holder of a current Victorian teachers’ registration.