Minimum Order Policy:

For mail orders, this is $30.00 (excluding freight).


Note that quotes are valid for 30 days only, please confirm prices if ordering later than 30 days from original quote.


Credit Card Details: 
Allows for immediate dispatch

Cheque Payment:
First confirm cost of goods and freight charges.

Account Customer:
Must have a numbered purchase order.

Government Departments and Schools:
Have automatic account status, but must send or fax an official form with a purchase order number. Numbers quoted verbally will not be accepted.


Discounts Pricing & GST


Universal Policy for Schools and Artists
This discount system applies to all products which you purchase from us. This particularly helps schools with multiple purchases needed for many classes.
Buy 10 or more, receive a discount of 5%
Buy 50 or more, receive a discount of 10%
Buy 100 or more, receive a discount of 15%
Buy 500 or more, receive a discount of 20%
This does not apply to mixing papers and is strictly per computer code number.


All prices include GST. Your invoice will clearly show the cost of the goods and the tax separately.
Overseas Customers:
Goods purchased outside Australia are exempt from the GST. To calculate the GST free price, divide the list price by 11 and subtract this amount. Please check local taxes and customs clearance charges in your own country.


Delivery Information 

Dangerous, flammable and pressurised goods cannot be delivered by Australia Post.


MES staff take a great deal of care to ensure your goods arrive to you in perfect condition. Some packaging materials are required for safe handling, particularly with Presses and Equipment.


General Post and Road Transport by Courier will not be covered by insurance. Please organise with staff if insurance is required. Insurance will incur an extra cost on freight charges.

Dangerous Goods:

Dangerous Goods can be sent by courier if the consignment is clearly labelled. Higher rates will apply. Dangerous goods can be sent by Road transport but not by Air Transport.


No claim for shortages of goods 14 days after delivery.


Returns must be made within 30 days from the delivery date. Returns will only be accepted after agreement with senior staff and freighted through our carrier or at claimant’s expense.