Photo Etching

ImagOn HD now replaces the original Imagon, a UV sensitive polymer film which adheres to metal plates, is exposed to a light source and developed. This is the most recent of the ever improving films developed and researched by Keith Howard. It can be applied with or without a printing press and no longer requires agitation during developing. Sharper exposed images and greater print yields can also be acheived. Exposure times may be faster than the old film, and there are some process changes. Information sheets are available free of charge. Please note: To get the best performance from your film, always store at temperatures between 4-21 degrees C. Excessive heat will literally melt the emulsion. We ship all orders of ImagOn HD in a heat shield bubblewrap to protect it from hot conditions in transit. We highly recommend you store your ImagOn HD in the refidgerator when not in use.