Used in lithography for drawing and painting, Melbourne Etching Supplies offer a a great range of tusche for all of your lithography needs. Ensure you're working with the highest quality materials, shop our online store today!
  • Korns Liquid Tusche is a greasy pigmented liquid that is used to create lithographic washes. The tusche can be used straight or diluted with water or ...
  • Korns stick tusche can be made into liquid by breaking off a small piece to dissolve in turps or water, making it an economical, versatile option for ...
  • Paste Tusche: Dilute Tusche with water or pure turps for washes and peau seche (frogskin) effects. Can also be used as a rubbing ink.
  • Stones Crayons Stick Tusche works well on stone and plates, allowing layering and consistent, stable printing of gray tones. Rub on plate or saucer an...