Liquid Grounds

Liquid Grounds
Grounds are acid resistant materials used to protect the plate from the action of acid. Hard grounds are able to hold fine linear work without chipping or flaking, soft grounds remain pliable on the surface allowing greater fluidity in the drawing and also enables textured materials to be pressed into the surface to produce tonal and pattern variations. Both hard and soft grounds are available in liquid or solid form. Liquid Grounds are poured onto the plate, then evened up with a soft roller or dabber. Liquid Grounds can also be applied with a foam or fan brush.
  • BIG is a non-toxic alternative that doubles as a soft ground and a hard ground. For a soft ground, simply roll out the ground thinly and consistently ...
  • Graphic Chemical Company - the world's best selling liquid hard ground. Often used as a stopout varnish. 1 pint tin. Only use with vapour mask. Note: ...
  • Graphic Chemical Company. 1 pint tin. Only use with a vapour mask. Note: This item incurs a dangerous goods surcharge to send.