Etching Plates

Etching Plates
We stock an abundance of etching plates online, offered in a diverse range of sizes, colour and textures. Ensure you're working with the best with the highest quality and performing range of etching plates, browse our range now!
  • 1.2mm polished front, for etching, editioning, etc, with acid-proof paint on back. Plastic laminated for a scratch-free surface.
  • Similar to plastic plates, but with both sides protected by removable thin polythene cover sheets to guarantee a perfect scratch-free surface.
  • Finest quality copper, polished and laminated for a scratch free surface.
  • Finest quality polished copper, plastic laminated for a scratch-free surface. Etch with ferric chloride.
  • An acid-free etching process for those sensitive to dangerous chemicals. Made from steel-backed photosensitive polymer which is water-soluble. Exposur...
  • School and beginners plastic drypoint plates. Available in clear thick plastic to test ink out while working. Usable both sides. All etching tools may...
  • Anyone who has hand-rocked a copper plate using a mezzotint rocker will know how much hard work is needed, and that mezzotint plates rocked using trad...
  • Toyobo Printight Solar Plates. Made of environmentally sound photopolymer film on top of the plate. The photopolymer is a photosensitive material that...
  • Made in America, 1mm polished front. Plate for etching, editioning, etc. Cut from sheet sizes, it is laminated with a white plastic film coating to en...
  • Best quality pre-senstised Mitsui zinc 1.2mm (18G) each sheet wrapped in black plastic. Develop zinc in solvent free developer after approximately 10 ...