The degree and fineness and detail is not only determined by the artist but also by the choice of plate. The character of the work varies enormously depending on whether the artist chooses to use wood and whether that wood is hard or soft, linoleum , vinyl or rubber. We have a selection of different relief plates that provide the artist with this flexibility of choice.
  • Composite end-grain maple blocks. May be sanded after use for new images.
  • Grey Lino Tile 300 x 300. This is not Silk Cut.
  • Made from Shina Plywood. It has no English name. It grows in Kolckaido the northern most island of Japan. Easy to cut. 4mm thick.
  • Silk Cut lino, has been specially made for artists. It is softer and less dense than the traditional brown lino. Draw your image on to the product wit...
  • POLYPRINT offers you an economical, easy-to-use printmaking materials surface for use with pre-school and elementary grade children. POLYPRINT plates ...
  • Extra soft, thick blocks that can be cut into like butter. Excellent for the physically impaired and the aged where hand strength and control are limi...
  • Soft double-sided (green/blue) vinyl with black core. This makes carving into the plate fluid and easy with a minimum of effort and print substantiall...
  • Smooth-surfaced blocks of 10mm thick Japanese magnolia wood. Use both sides for economy.